Greene Co. Prosecutors File Motion To Revoke Convicted Drunk Driver’s Probation

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – A convicted Greene County drunk driver is in trouble with the law again after a judge gave him a second chance. 
21-year-old Dylan Meyer received five years probation back in February after he was convicted for hitting and killing Kelly Williams in February 2015. 
Prosecutors had originally recommended a 10 year prison sentence for Meyer, as first degree manslaughter typically warrants a five to fifteen year prison sentence. 
The prosecutor has filed a motion alleging Meyer has violated the terms of his probation. 
Kim Knox, a volunteer with Mothers Against Drunk Driving, has always thought Dylan Meyer’s punishment came nowhere close to fitting the crime of driving into Kelly Williams’ car at 90 miles per hour. 
“I knew this was going to happen, I really felt like it would,” Knox said. “I don’t really feel like Dylan took any of this serious. It’s not shocking, shocking would be the word and it doesn’t shock me.” 
When Greene County Judge David Jones gave Meyer five years probation, prosecutor Dan Patterson called the sentence a “slap on the wrist.” 
Patterson said after Meyer was arrested for killing Williams, Meyer wrote to a friend from jail that he would be able to avoid prison if he “played this off like I’m an alcoholic.” 
“He knew how to manipulate this system,” Knox said. “And I feel like that’s what he did. He came out saying I do have a problem, I do want help. Bottom line, he didn’t go to prison.” 
In a motion filed yesterday to revoke Meyer’s probation, prosecutors allege he tested positive for marijuana 11 times in the past two months. 
Judge Jones said he gave Meyer probation because he believed he could become a productive member of society. 
However, a positive test for marijuana violates the terms outlined for his probation, which included going to school or working full time and a requirement that Meyer drive with an ignition interlock. 
Knox said this is just another unfortunate headline Kelly Williams’s family will have to read. 
“Every time they’ve sat in court, every time it’s on the news, it’s like they’re re-victimized, they have to re-live this,” Knox said. 
Meyer is expected to appear in front of a judge Wednesday and has a probation violation hearing scheduled for mid-May. 
If Judge Jones decides to revoke Meyer’s probation, he could serve some of that originally recommended 10 year prison sentence.

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