JEFFERSON CITY,Mo.–  Missouri Governor Mike Parson discusses the storm damage from a tornado Wednesday evening.

Gov. Parson said that as of right now no one has been reported missing. There has been multiple injuries reported across the area. Approximately 20 people have been escorted to a local hospital, they expect that number to increase throughtout the day Thursday. 

The red cross has set up two locations in the area to help the people impacted by the storm. The locations have not been released to the public yet, they are focused on getting the locals help  first. 

Lleutenant David Williams of Jefferson City Police Department said the situation is a work in progress. They already have personal in place to help with the strom damage. He announced the personal are going to start a door to door rescue for homes and business around 7 a.m. 

Several state facilities have damaged, they are asking that only essential employees report to work. 

Gov. Parson said the biggest concern throughout the state is flooding.