Governor Greitens: Will He or Won’t He


SPRINGFIELD, Mo – While the committee makes it’s procedures in the special session, there are questions as to what role, if any, the governor will play.

Well, the question this week: will he, or won’t he? Will Governor Greitens make an appearance before the house investigative committee looking into allegations of misconduct?

We’re joined by Springfield News-Leader reporter Will Schmitt who’s in Jeff City for us tonight. Will, good evening. What do we know? Is the governor going to make an appearance before this committee?

“Yeah, he won’t say. He won’t talk to the reporters, certainly. And his attorneys, his personal attorneys, he has different sets of attorneys for different facets of his life, his personal attorneys are not saying whether he will testify. Now, they’ve said in the past that he would want to, he wants to testify, that he wants to share his side of the story, that he doesn’t want a “one-sided” report, as he calls it. The easiest way to do that maybe to testify, but it remains unclear as to whether he will actually do that,” says Will Schmitt 

And Will so much of this seems to come down to the rules of evidence the committee decides on. Now, the committee is not a court of law. So the rules that it selects may end up impairing the governor’s case. What is the governor’s legal team saying about all of this?

“There’s a good chance that his attorneys will put up some kind of fight if they don’t get the rules they want and it looks like they won’t,” says Schmitt.

But it’s also something that comes down the road because there are a lot of witnesses. There’s a lot of various flags that have been raised regarding the governor. There’s a lot of places this committee can go, and we don’t really know. Nobody in the capitol really knows. Nobody but the committee really knows where they’re going to go and we’ll get a good sense of that this week though.

And, you know, we’ve been covering this story will for several months, and one of the initial critiques of this committee was that all of what it was doing was sort of hidden from the press. Are these new committee hearings going to be open to the media?

“They are. In a shift of most of what we had there and regular session, those committees are by default open to the public and press. Now a majority of the committee, which has also been increased from seven to ten members, a majority of the community can vote to close a hearing. They can also go to redact certain information motion, much as they have in the past, but it does look like this is a shift toward more transparency,” says Schmitt

Alright, Will Schmitt for us tonight in Jeff City. Will, thanks so much.

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