“This event today is just to bring awareness that everyone has the right to play ball. Everyone has the right to equal rights. We are all the same. Love means love, and we just need to support each other.” GLO Center Board Member Courtney Pinkham – Martin said.

The GLO Center, in collaboration with PFLAG Springfield hosted “Let Kids Play” at Mother’s Brewing Company in Springfield.

It was originally supposed to be outdoor but weather changed the organization’s plans.

“It’s in direct response to legislation that’s been filed for a number of years across the country, but also specifically in the state of Missouri to ban transgender youth from participating in sports,” Aaron Schekorra said.

“And so we wanted to just have an event where youth of all gender identities could come together, have some fun and play some games. And so since it’s raining, that’s board games.”

Both Pinkham-Martin and Schekorra say the event was a way to raise funs for PROMO.

“We put this event together to promote awareness and help raise money for PROMO,” Pinkham-Martin said. “PROMO helps raise money in the fight legislation on the state level for Missouri.”

“Organizations like PROMO and other advocacy organizations have done a really great job in pushing back on that hateful legislation and preventing those impacts from effecting our community.” Schekorra said.

Organizers were encourage by not just support from those in attendance, but other groups coming together in support of their cause.

“The fact that we can come together and have events like this where we do see a lot of support, even on a rainy day, where our original plan didn’t quite work out, that people still come out and still support the cause is really heartening.” Schekorra said.

“We are a family. We will work together. And honestly, there is more progressive people in this town that understand it’s not about right side, left side. It’s about taking care of everyone and making sure everyone is safe and they feel loved.” Pinkham-Martin said.