FORT SMITH, Ark. — (CBS) Most barbershop conversations include politics, gossip, and everything in between but at this local barber shop, there`s one rule; no talking about the election.

Bobby G, the owner of a barber shop in Fort Smith, Arkansas, says, “I’ve been through probably eight elections in my career… Never have I seen anything like this…”

“I had two customers arguing back and forth and almost went to fisticuffs and I said, `Woah, wait a minute.’ I know things are rough…. this election is unlike any election I’ve been through… usually, barbershops are notorious for talking politics, but this one, people are so wound up for some reason, very passionate.”

So Bobby G took matters into his own hands…

“…And I said I’ve got to do something, so I come up with this sign… No politics spoken here until after the election, and so far it’s worked pretty good. Now, after the election, we’ll have to see.”

And this new sign is becoming quite popular in the neighborhood…

“People come across and they take pictures of it. Then, I have people lined up to pick their kids up from that school over here, and I seen some of them shooting pictures out of there…They think it’s a good idea, really.”

Bobby G says he will continue to enforce his rule until after the election.

“I know you`re wanting to talk politics… But, hey… sorry.”

(Krystle Sherrell, KFSM 5 News)