Former extended-stay motel manager shares why she thinks so many are going under in Branson


BRANSON, Mo.– Dozens of extended-stay motels in Branson have been closing their doors for good after not being able to pass health and safety inspections. As a result, families have been forced to find other housing. 

Why is this happening? 

While many are quick to point a finger at poor management, Lori Houle, manager of the Shepherd’s Inn in Branson says the tenants are to blame as well.  

“There was a lot of people here that were not the cleanest people in town,” Houle told OzarksFirst. “So we did have to have quite a few leave.” 

Another reason for the closures: the recent deadline for business license renewals. 

The City of Branson says that renewal depends on them passing an inspection. If they don’t pass, they can’t renew.       

“Hotel owners and managers, they have to do their job too,” Houle says. “You know, fix the place up. But when you have a dirty room, are you going to spend money to fix it up..probably not.” 

The Shepherds Inn was closed as they worked on bringing their property up to code and has now reopened with a brand-new look. However, Houle says they will no longer offer extended stay lodging. They are now a nightly rental facility. 

Melody Pettit, Communications Manager for the city of Branson says the city is working with the managers and owners. 

“We want these motels and these businesses to be open to spur economic growth,” Pettit said Tuesday. 

“We want to see these places have a clean and safe place for these people to open. So, the city is agreeable and tries to work with the owners as much as possible.” 

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