Five things you may not know about Good Friday

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Good Friday, or Holy Friday to some, is traditionally celebrated the Friday before Easter Sunday as a commemoration of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Usually observed with fasting and penance.

A holiday with such a long and celebrated past is likely to have some interesting things occur. We’ve compiled some of these interesting tidbits for you to think about over the weekend as we approach Easter.

  1. Some areas of Germany enforce a dancing ban on Easter weekend. No dancing whatsoever may take place beginning on Good Friday. But why? The reasoning is that the holiday is considered a a holiday of silence, mourning and reflection in reference to the death of Jesus.
  2. In New Zealand another type of ban takes place, although for some this ban could be a cause for dancing. Legislation is in place that prohibits the airing of any business or retail advertisements of any kind over the entire holiday weekend. A consequence for a violation carries a hefty fine. New Zealand bands ads on Christmas as well.
  3. In 1930 the BBC reported that no newsworth events were occurring. Instead of forcing it and searching for stories to fill the airtime they played piano for the whole day. Can you imagine a whole day without any news in this day and age?
  4. Cuba only began celebrating Good Friday again in 2012 after Pope Benedict XVI visited the country. He requested the Cuban government make it an official holiday and allow its citizens to stay home and observe the sacred day.
  5. Nobody can agree on why the holiday carries its name. Some believe it to be called “Good Friday” originating from “God’s Friday” but was corrupted over time. Others say that it is derived from “Holy and Great Friday” as it was known in Greek liturgy.

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