LAS VEGAS — Before the shooting had even stopped at the Route 91 Harvest Festival, people in the audience were rushing to help the wounded. Some giving aid were off-duty cops and firefighters.  Others were ex-military.

Minutes after the shooting began, first responders scrambled to the scene  

“We multiple casualties GSW in the medical tent. multiple casualties!”

For off-duty first responders who just happened to be attending the concert, a night of fun turned into a night of horror. Robert Hayes is a firefighter from Los Angeles who was there with his wife and some friends 

“Everyone was running away but you were running toward?” a reporter asks. 
“Anybody in my profession would do the same thing,” Hayes says.  “It really wasn’t about me.”

He described the scene as a war zone.  “People were staying near people (victims) they didn’t even know…. people sitting there, wouldn’t leave people.”
When asked what made him stay, Hayes says, “If that was someone in my family that’s what I would have wanted somebody to do for me. And that’s what I’m trained to do. Worry about other people. This isn’t about me.” 

This man’s best friend was shot three times in the chest.  “It was hard. I wasn’t going to leave him. There were lots of ex-military people. He actually put the finger in the hole. Keep the compression. Stayed like that for 10-15 minutes before we finally made the decision that we needed to get him over the fence so we can get him under the stage so at least we were somewhere safe. I am no hero but there’s tons of heroes, there a lot of heroes out there. It’s astonishing to think that you were physically plugging bullet wounds with your fingers.”

Some had to improvise to get victims to the hospital – turning their personal vehicles into ambulances. 
“We need your truck, we just need to get people over to the hospital, ok?” 

“We had a gal that was with this couple, that the guy had been shot in the backside. I thought he was gonna be okay but he was bleeding and so he wasn’t as serious to shove him into the ambulance. So I took him in my car,” one person said.

But in the midst of chaos, there was hope. Vanessa is a nurse from Orange County, California.
“In the midst of these horrific events you look around  and see people helping strangers, it shows you that there is good in the world everyone does what they can.”  

Some of the first responders also became victims. Several officers and firemen who were both on and off duty were shot. And an off duty las Vegas police officer was killed.

(Adriana Diaz, CBS News)