Firearms for Fashion


Eighty lives per day. That’s the average of how many people fall victim to gun violence each day across the United States. Captain D.F. Pace of Philadelphia sees thousands more illegal firearms taken each year.

“They are either used in crimes or in some other way used to menace other people. They’re destroyed by melting them down into nothing,” says Captain Pace.  “That steel is reconstituted and re-purposed into jewelry.”

And that jewelry includes necklaces, rings, and bracelets. “Liberty United” is the company that since 2013, has turned over 1,100 illegal guns from five communities across the country into different pieces of wearable jewelry. The different accessories make for a good talking point in a social setting. Co-Founder of the company Peter Thum says that is the goal is to do a service to the community, while creating buzz around the product.

 “It is very personal and intimate… and getting people talking… that is exactly what we want to have happen,” Thum says.

It isn’t just  taking illegal firearms out of the hands of criminals that is the benefit of this program. Up to 25 percent of the profits go back to the cities the guns came from. This money goes towards helping kids in high-crime neighborhoods succeed, through various extracurricular activities. On high school sophomore, Naomi Rodriguez, lives in an area that sees many guns seized, but says she feels safe.

“At my house you can hear the gun shots…;but we can come here and express ourselves,” Rodriguez explains.

Outside her high school, a mural is displayed to target gun violence with beauty,

(Roxana Seberi, CBS News)

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