NIXA, Mo. — As temperatures move into the into the 90s this week, utility bills could head into the hundreds of dollars.

Local non-profits say they already seeing an increase in the amount of people asking for assistance to cover the high costs of summer cooling.

While many of us sit in an air conditioned home complaining about the hot weather, there are thousands of people living in the area who don’t have the luxury of air conditioning. For Least of These in Nixa, this is a  problem the nonprofit tries to tackle every summer.

“It’s very expensive to run it up to the level you want especially for older people,” explains Lovella Tittle who is a client at Least of These.

For Tittle, the spinning blades of a fan are an escape from the Missouri heat.

“It’s a lot of stress because like I said there’s times the last two weeks I stay home. You go very necessity. You don’t do nothing that you have to.”

Lovella lives on a fixed income and says having a box fan  provides her an outlet of comfort.

Kristy Carter is the Director of Development at Least of These. She tells KOLR10,” This $10 fan maybe a simple fix or a simple task to supply to someone, but it maybe a huge effect on the family that we’re giving it to.

One fan may not seem like much, but to some, “people that’s never done this or anything to do does not know what it is,” says Tittle. It means all the difference. “It’s a blessing, a very blessing to have it because I’m crying.”

“To you and I a $10 fan may not be a big deal, but to them it’s a big deal,” explains Carter.

Carter adds the  need is right here at our doorstep, “If we can help we want to help but we can’t help without the stock of fans.”

Some of her clients can’t afford air conditioning while others can’t afford to run it.

“Running it up higher like you want a fan would help great it would help some of that,” says Tittle.

“It’s a constant concern of parents. How do we keep our kids cool this summer? You can take them to public places throughout the community, but still when you come back home if you’re walking through an 80 degree house there’s not going to be good sleep at night,” explains Carter.

Those wishing to donate a fan can donate it here at Least of These Monday, Wednesday and Friday 8a.m. -12p.m..

Click Here for more information on how you can donate.