Fake Cops Stopping, Ticketing Motorists


DREW COUNTY, Ark — People in the Winchester area are on high alert Monday after several motorists said they were pulled over and given tickets by fake cops.

The fake cops have been identified in Drew County last week, but so far, no arrests.

Chris Williams said back in April, he was pulled over by police, while driving on highway 138 in Winchester.

“I was just like .. I don’t know,” said Williams.

Two police officers gave him a $70 ticket for not wearing his seat belt.

But when Williams went to the Drew County Courthouse to find out if he could work off the his fine, authorities told him the cops who pulled him over and the ticket were fake.

“I didn’t know what to think,” Williams.

He said investigators already knew about the two men wanted by police. Detectives then had him point out the officer impersonators in a line up.

“I didn’t think nothing like that would go around here,” said Williams.

While talking to Williams Adrin Hinton pulled up and said the same fake cops wrote him a ticket in April, along the same stretch of road, for not wearing his seatbelt. Even though he said he had been.

“I paid the ticket off,’ said Hinton. “Now, I kind of hate I did.”

Hinton said Arkansas State Police showed up on his doorstep last week, informing him the cops were not real and the men are from Georgia.

“I think it’s crazy. Especially when they’re not certified in the State of Arkansas, to pull anybody over,” said Hinton.

While the victims said the officers appeared to be in line with the law, they’re now hoping the duo is caught.

“After I spoke to state troopers, it kind of rattled me because I didn’t think something like that could go on,” said Hinton.

“I’m not really nervous about it, but it’s taught me to pay attention to my surroundings,” said Williams.

They said the men are driving two different cars — both are Dodge Chargers with police lights on top of them and with Georgia license plates.

One is unmarked charcoal grey and the other is black with words “Winchester Marshal on either side. Anyone who knows anything about this is being asked to call police.

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