Enhanced Arkansas Concealed Carry Permit Allows Guns More Places


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — More than 200,000 Arkansans have their concealed carry license, according to Arkansas State Police.

In the coming months, the enhanced carry permit will allow guns in more places.

Firearms will be allowed in public buildings, universities, bars and churches.

Arkansas State Police is expected to release its training program in January.

One concealed carry instructor said if you get a permit you’re entering a good faith agreement with the community when you carry.

 “Second Amendment gives you the right to own arms, but if you carry in public you enter a social contract with us,” said Ron Garatt, the G.I. Guns and Ammo owner.

Instructors also recommend coming in at least once every few months, to re-qualify.

One instructor said some people quickly forget the basics, like loading a magazine.

However, all the details for the new enhanced permit haven’t been finalized yet.

 “Right now it appears you’re going to have to do an extra 8 hour training course,” said Lt. Scott Lewis, a concealed carry instructor. “What the exact curriculum is has not been completely defined.”

Arkansas State Police’s draft for the enhanced carry license is now under review of the Arkansas general assembly, Bureau of Legislative Research.

Once they’re done looking over the draft they will forward the compilation to the Legislative Counsel Rules Committee for a December hearing date.


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