I was going to explore a how to coupon segment. However, I hate coupons. I have zero interest in becoming a couponer. So, what else can we do to save money shopping?

Why I hate em… and it’s me, not them:

  • I tend to buy stuff I don’t want or need
  • They seem to always be expired when I need them.
  • You have to read the small print.
  • They take too much of my time to clip, organize, plan!

But there are coupon alternatives!

  1. Rewards programs – Target has the 5% off debit card. (But I hate that carrousel thing!)
  2. Buy bulk, generic and lesser known brands
  3.  Sales – family and friends days are great. Have a retail working friend hook you up.
  4. Food shop for leftovers
  5. Amazon pantry orders – not always the best prices, however consider travel, and the “economies of convenience”
  6. Shop with cash -Fresh, real food is not expensive – just sayin!

Other tips:

Drink less alcohol – shopping while intoxicated is a bad idea, too!

Watch your shopping time –  Don’t shop as an activity.