SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — The trial of Elizabeth McKeown will be entering into its third day Thursday, June 9.

McKeown is accused of running over and killing a woman in 2018.

The defense is expected to present its case that McKeown had a rare reaction to cough syrup that triggered a bipolar episode. Yesterday the prosecutor argued that McKewon ran over Barabara foster and the Greene County Medical Examiner testified that Foster’s injuries were consistent with being hit by a car.

McKeown’s daughter took the stand and said her mother had been acting strange and kept saying random words. McKeown’s lawyers also called Dr. Leigh Anne Nelson to the stand. Dr. Nelson, who is a professor at the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Pharmacy, said the cough syrup McKeown took that day could have had dextromethorphan in it. In rare cases, this ingredient can sometimes not metabolize which could lead to toxicity altering her psychosis.

“On that level and then the descriptions of the behavior and the speech and the police reports leads me to believe she was experiencing toxicity related to dextromethorphan,” said Dr. Nelson. “I do believe it contributed to her erratic behavior.”