SPRINGFIELD, Mo.– The Missouri State University’s Board of Governors recently approved an increase of $10-per-credit hour for students. For someone in 30 credit hours, they can expect to pay an additional $300.

For non-Missouri students, that increase has been $22-per-credit hour.

University leaders say MSU has been recognized as one of the more affordable colleges in the state, drawing even international students simply because of the price.

Tai Le is finishing up his sophomore year at MSU. Le said his goal has always been to get a college degree in the U.S.

“We’ve been talking ever since I was really young that my mom has always wanted to send me overseas to get a better education,” Le said. “To be honest, tuition was the most appealing thing. I might even say that it’s the only thing that kind of compels me to go to Missouri State because I can actually conceivably pay for this. None of the other schools I could have paid for.”

Le said he chose MSU because of the affordable international student tuition, but with the board approving an increase in fees, he’s worried he’ll need to dish out more money.

“My options are pretty limited in terms of how much more money I can come up with,” Le said. “It’s hard for international students since you can’t work off-campus, so the only jobs are available on-campus. On-campus, you can only work 20 hours a week. So realistically, I can only fork up so much cash.”

The university said that with inflation, increases are expected.

“The goal has never been to charge as much tuition as we can on either campus, recognizing that many of our students do not come from affluent means,” said. “And we have to continue to try to make college as affordable as we can.”

MSU leaders said they do not expect the university’s affordability to be impacted. The increases will start next school year.