SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – The Kitchen Inc. is selling three and a half acres of property along Commercial Street and Jefferson Avenue – including the site that used to be the Missouri Hotel.

While no potential buyers have been publicly announced — Drury University is heavily invested in the real estate.

Drury professor Jay Garrott said, “What we are trying to do is provide students with an understanding on how to work with the community, give them the process and give them the understanding.”

With this experience, it gives Drury students a world of opportunity.

Architect student Jade Watson said, “Worlds of help. We haven’t had any first hand experience from this point. Moving forward I can use all the experience from this point.”

Student Ethan Kaplan said, “This experience is really invaluable because as architects we are not in a bubble.”

Drury architect students in professor Garrott’s class meet outside of school for hours to discuss how they would develop the three and a half acres.

Kaplan said, “A lot of the issues that we have identified during the research phase were, access of food, access to parking and not necessarily a lack of lively hood on C Street but more of a family oriented kind of activity that comes with it.”

Watson said, “They’re starting to be more activities in this area, but just helping improve that, maybe for the future. It’s real, we can see this develop through our life, maybe we will move away, maybe we won’t be here, but we can always say we had these ideas and that they contributed to this community.” 

As potential buyers explore their options, Drury praises about their developmental plan.

Garrot said, “They are looking at alternative strategies that many people haven’t thought of.”

Kaplan said, “Here are our ideas, this is what we thought of. What you do with them is up to you, but this is what we think this could be.”