ST. CHARLES COUNTY — Prosecutors in St. Charles County, Missouri say they will seek the death penalty against murder suspect., Pam Hupp.

Prosecutors say she lured a disabled man into her car and eventually took him to her home where she shot him.  She had called 911, claiming the man had broken into her home.  Police believe she did so as a way to cover up any suspicions related to her in another murder.

Investigators were immediately suspicious of her story since the victim was disabled and likely unable to present a threat to Rupp in her home.

Prosecutors say they decided to go after a death sentence because of the crime’s “aggravating circumstances.”
Tim Lohmar, one of the prosecutors on the case, says “If we can prove this murder was among the worst of the worst. It’s difficult to classify that… Any murder is awful. It’s a tragedy and terrible but the statute does delineate certain subsets for the death penalty and this is one of those.”

Louis Gumpen-Berger was the 33-year-old disabled man found dead in Rupp’s home.