SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Day two of the Price Cutter Charity Championship golf tournament brought spectators and pros together on the fairway at the Highland Springs Country Club.

“It’s a great week to celebrate. Interacting with volunteers, sponsors, spectators, the players,” said Jerald Andrews, the executive director of the tournament.

Andrews has served his role in the tournament for 27 years, and this year is his last before retirement. The PCCC has been a popular event for the Ozarks area for 33 years.

“People say, ‘Well how has this tournament lasted all these years?’ You’re going to have great golf. That’s going to happen, but the real key here has been the charitable side of that. I think that is why we’re still here today.”

One of the many organizations that take part in the charity-focused tournament is Champion Athletes of the Ozarks, which provides services for children and adults with disabilities. With CAO, people can learn life skills through education, and sports programs.

Susan Mills, the director for CAO, said that this event is a two-fold benefit.

“We obviously benefit from the funds that come in that have allowed us to expand our programs and to reach more individuals. But the biggest benefit for us is for our individuals,” Mills said. “They work all year long on life skills, on reading, on social skills, on talking to people. Our individuals get to put those skills into play every day.”

This isn’t Tulsa Resident Bruce Saxons’ first time as a spectator at the tournament. He isn’t just any fan though.

“I’m here because my son Charlie Saxon plays on the Korn Ferry Tour, so I’m out supporting him,” Saxons said. “The work that goes into this thing is amazing, The money they raise for charities is great.”

While this isn’t Saxon’s first time at Highland Springs, it is his first time as something else.

“My first grandchild his first child, about a week ago,” Saxons said. “He has a lot going on besides golf. I just follow him for 18 holes and cheer him on.”

During the tournament today, fans can cool off with water set up at every hole. There is also plenty of shade, tents, and the clubhouse where they can cool off. Fans can attend the tournament for free today by stopping at the Oakstar Bank at National and Battlefield, where they can pick up free passes.

Fans of the tournament can enter a raffle, which will give away prizes on Sunday. For coverage of the tournament itself, you can watch Dan Lucy at 6 and 10 p.m. tonight on KOLR10.