In what organizers said should be a record turnout, people from all over came to Springfield to celebrate the arts at Artsfest.

The 41st annual festival wrapped up Sunday afternoon.

More than 90 artists, also from all over, showcased their art downtown on Walnut Street.

“The best count that we have right now without official numbers is that we couldn’t drive a golf cart down the road,” said Sarah Abele, Marketing and Development Director for the Springfield Regional Arts Council. “It was so full.”

In this unofficial kick-off to summer, food vendors and live entertainment were also present.

“We have 2D art, 3D art, fiber art, we’ve got live art all around us,” said Abele.

Locals said they are happy to support the artists.

“I think it’s awesome that Springfield puts on these festivals for us to come out and see,” said Skyler Scates, an Artsfest attendee.

For artists, the festival allows them to connect with the community.

“I only meet them maybe for about a 15-minute time span,” said artist Brenda Woods. “In that time, I do remember them when they come back a year or two later. I enjoy having them come back and talk to me and say, yes, the product that I sold them is still functioning in their home. Every piece of work that I do is like one of my kids, it’s one of my babies.”

Woods said it’s not about the money she earns at Artsfest.

“It’s about accomplishing something that I never thought I would do before,” said Woods.

However, she said the money allows her to keep traveling to other cities with her art.

Artsfest organizers hope the festival continues to grow larger in size each year.