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COVID: All 50 states partially reopen by tomorrow


Concepts of reopening America after quarantine the country for prevention coronavirus pandemic outbreak. Illustration of USA map and open sign Courtesy: Getty images

(CNN Newssource) — It’s memorial day weekend, the unofficial start of summer and all 50 states have reopened in some capacity.

After weeks under lock down millions across the country will be allowed to celebrate the holiday weekend outdoors.

President Trump insists the nation’s houses of worship must reopen this weekend.

On Friday he deemed them “essential” before the CDC unveiled new “Interim Guidance for Communities of Faith.”

According to the president, he would override states that resist, though it’s not clear if he has any authority to do so.

Some of the nation’s governors reminding the commander in chief that reopening decisions fall on the states.

New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu said, “It’s the governor’s decision of course and that’s why I think he said, once the CDC guides comes out, take a look at the guidance and see what might be possible and that’s the approach we’re going to do”.

This weekend also marking the symbolic start of summer and a major test for beach side communities that have been preparing for crowds.

Many beaches are open on the east and west coasts, though you can expect social distancing restrictions and capacity limits to be in place.

“I’m excited. I think it’s good. I think people need to be outside enjoying what nature has given us,” one source said.

Another source said, “We’ve been cooped up inside for so long, It’s nice to get outside and get a little work in.”

For Florida residents, only beaches in hard-hit areas like Ft. Lauderdale and Miami-Dade County will remain closed.

As a new study warns some southern states could see a spike in COVID-19 cases, another round of reopening just in time for the holiday weekend.

South Carolina theme parks are open again as are bars in Texas with limited capacity and dancing discouraged.

Westlake Brewing Company Art Harvey said, “We have to do a lot of extra precautions we didn’t have to do before. Including increased sanitation, hand sanitizing stations, our staff has to wear masks.”

Overall, it’s okay to venture away from home, says the white house’s coronavirus response coordinator.

Dr. Deborah Birx said, “Understand you can go out. You can be outside. You can play golf. You can play tennis with marked balls. You can go to the beaches if you stay six feet apart but remember that is your space and that’s a space you need to protect and ensure you’re social distanced from others.”

But the White House is expressing concern over regions seeing a high number of COVID cases in cities like Los Angeles, Chicago, and Washington despite stay at home orders.

The reopening come as the U.S is set to hit 100,000 coronavirus deaths over the four day weekend.

That’s according to officials at the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington.

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