SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Civil and family mediation training is being held at MSU this week hosted by the University’s Center for Dispute Resolution.

Participants will learn meditation skills through interactive exercises and extensive one on one coaching.

Training covers the causes and dynamics of conflict, listening skills, and negotiation theory,

Those who attend for three days will receive civil mediation training, and those who attend for five days will receive additional training in family mediation.

Charlene Berquist is the director of the center for dispute resolution at MSU.

She says after day two, participants will be doing mock mediations.

“Essentially what we’re hoping to do is that people are able to develop those mediation skills so by the time they leave the training,” Berquist said. “They’ll be able to incorporate those into professional practice, some may go on to be mediators. Incorporate them into the environment that they’re working in right now.”

Berquist says mediation isn’t about giving people solutions, it’s about facilitating solutions that work for both of the parties.