Christian County Museum and Historical Society accepting donations for a time capsule

Rev Steve Heather KOLR

CHRISTIAN COUNTY, Mo. — The COVID-19 pandemic and the ways we handled it will take a spot in future history books.

The Christian County Museum and Historical Society is needing some help to send a message to people.

“Time capsules are very magical,” said Nicholas Holladay, director of communications at the Christian County Library. “In grade school, we would do time capsules. And it really needs to think about what’s going to happen in so many years. And this, to be a 100-year time capsule, for the whole county, it’s a time of change, it’s very magical.”

The Christian County Library is looking for items that would reflect our current life.

“This time capsule is only going to be as good as the donations that we get,” said Tony Pegram, Director of Development and Strategic Partnerships. “We’re very interested in people bringing art, kids art, poetry, things like that.”

“2021 for us, was a time of change,” said Holladay. “Change as in we built a couple of branches. So we have this pamphlet that we passed out for the past year, that explains what the library is doing, we have this, and we have all the library staff to sign it.” “I’m hoping that when they open this time capsule in 100 years, they will know that this county is dedicated to the library system.”

“We are really looking forward to seeing how creative people can be,” said Shannon Mawhiney, President of Christian County Museum and Historical Society.

Christian County Museum and Historical Society isn’t just preserving our current history.

“A lot of people sometimes don’t think about history, and don’t think about the present day being historic,” said Mawhiney. “The things that are happening right now, we think, oh that’s just part of our lives, it’s everyday stuff, that no one’s going to care about. But it really is important.”

It’s also a chance for discovery.

“We will have an event in the fall where we reveal what has been unearthed from the one that we are cracking out of the side of the courthouse,” said Pegram.

One hundred years ago a crowd at the Christian County Courthouse laid a cornerstone and it’s finally time to unearth it

“We don’t even know what’s in there, because the newspaper article just said ‘coins and other small items so we’re excited to find out what they thought would be important to put in there,” said Mawhiney.

The Christian County Museum and Historical Society will continue accepting donations for the time capsule until Saturday, June 12.

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