ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. — The consequences for doing a TikTok challenge ended with a real ticket for St. Louis County teens late Sunday night.

According to Lt. Joey Nickels with the Ellisville Police Department, three teenage boys were driving down Manchester Road, throwing cheese on unsuspecting drivers and filming it.

“They were young teenage boys, out bored, didn’t have anything else to do. So, they decided they’d film a TikTok, the one where you throw cheese on something. So, they decided to throw cheese on an unsuspecting passerby’s car,” said Lt. Nickles. “It might seem like a joke. It might seem funny, and sometimes it is. But you just never know, and the potential for something bad happening is very very high.”

After the teens threw the piece of cheese on a 28-year-old man’s car around 10:30 Sunday night. The driver did not find it funny and ended up chasing the teen’s car. 

“The person in the car didn’t know what was going on, so it upset them quite a bit. So they ended up chasing the vehicle down Hutchinson Road.” 

The police said the driver chasing the teens was trying to get their license plate, but as the car got closer, they kept speeding away, and police said both cars were speeding down the small two-lane road and blowing through stop signs. 

The teens turned on Clayton Road, but the driver chasing them didn’t make the turn and ended up crashing into a bush in front of Lifegate Baptist Church. 

“The boys in the car were pretty scared at this point. So they thought it was in their best interest to seek shelter at the fire department headquarters,” Lt. Nickles said.

The teenagers drove into the back of the Metro West Fire Protection District Station 4 honking the horn with the hazard lights on to try and get help. They parked in the back parking lot and ran out of the car.

The other driver was able to get his car out of the bushes and drove to the back of the fire station a few moments later. The initial 911 call came as a car crash, and police responded to the fire station.

Police were using their flashlights to search the grassy area behind the fire station for the three teens. A short while later, the teens walked back to the fire station when they saw police were at the scene. 

Lt. Nichels said they were both in the wrong and both drivers were issued citations for careless and imprudent driving. 

Fatima Gutierrez lives across Hutchinson Road and her security camera caught the cars speeding in front of her home.

“I think there’s a thin line because oh this is just for fun, and this is actually something I might get in trouble for, and I think a lot of time, that line is just crossed,” Gutierrez said.