Casino gets ripped off $17,000 in chips, police say man used his player’s card


Courtesy of KARK

HOT SPRINGS, Ark.- Hot Springs Police have arrested a man after they say he stole $17,000 in chips from Oaklawn Casino.

They say 42-year-old Derrick Belton of Mountain Pine had used his player’s card while playing BlackJack Friday night. That’s when police say Belton allegedly scooped up over 30 of the purple, $500 chips and got away.

Courtesy of KARK 42-year-old Derrick Belton now faces a Class-C felony after trying to steal $17,000 in chips.

The use of his player’s card and the cameras are what police say allowed them to “positively I.D. him” and track him down.

He’s now facing a Class-C felony for theft.

We’re also told by a casino employee, that Oaklawn is doing away with their purple chips, in order to keep the $17,000 from being cashed.

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