SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Cancer patients are finding their perfect wig thanks to the help of local cancer organizations.

It happens at the Shelly Sachs Wig Room located inside GYN Cancers Alliance. GYNCA Executive Director, Carlie Olivares, said they make sure the room is a safe place for people to find their perfect fit.

“Any of our members who are affiliated with GYN Cancers Alliance, Breast Cancer Foundation of the Ozarks, or the Shelly Sachs Foundation has access to all of these wigs,” Olivares said.

Olivares said the wig room has been in operation for a couple of years but in a much smaller fashion.

Now, she said the selection of wigs has expanded.

“As of September, it became official that we have now partnered together to make this great wig room for anyone in our community who has been diagnosed with cancer,” Olivares said.

Sharon Fenley said the organizations helped her find her perfect wig.”I was diagnosed with cancer two years ago this week,” Fenley said. “My hair came back in and then I had a reoccurrence. With Ovarian cancer that happens. It’s one of those things that when it comes back, it’s just going to continue doing that. So, I know I’m going to be in a wig probably long term here and there during the rest of my lifetime.”

Olivares said they try to make the experience as personal as possible.”We have this room where we can shut the door so it’s very private,” Olivares said. “Normally whenever people are going through a wig fitting, there’s a lot of emotions that go with that. Whenever you lose your hair, it’s not just your hair, it’s kind of your identity and your confidence.”

Fenley said nothing feels better than finding the perfect wig.”You look in that mirror, and you think I don’t recognize that person, but once you put a wig on, then it makes you feel so much different, so much more at ease, and gives you confidence,” Fenley said.

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