BUFFALO, Mo. — A possible ISIL link, right here in the Ozarks.

A Buffalo, Missouri woman is charged with communicating threats of violence over the internet, including threatening two FBI agents and President Obama.

A lengthy affidavit details the events that led up to an FBI raid at 38 year old Safya Yassin’s Dallas County home.

The court documents show information regarding several social media accounts Yassin is believed to be behind– in which she used to make violent threats.

“I’ve been living across the street from a potential terrorist,” said Neighbor Jeffery Melhorn.  “That really freaked me out.”

Melhorn woke up today to the sights and sounds of an event that would leave anyone shaken.

“We moved here seven months ago,” he said.  “And we did not expect this quiet little neighborhood to turn into a circus.”

According to court documents, the FBI first identified Yassin in January when someone complained through the FBI’s Public Access Line. 

The complainant explained they were friended by Yassin on Facebook– and she told them they would “go to hell” if they did not divorce their non Musllim spouse, get rid of their pets and all their non-Muslim friends. 

“I saw them the day they moved in– the woman and kids,” said Melhorn.  “And I haven’t seen them outside since– and that always struck me as odd.”

The complainant also said Yassin was convinced ISIL would save the world.

“That really freaks me out,” said Melhorn.  “I come from a military family.”

In August, Yassin allegedly posted the names, addresses and phone numbers of two FBI agents under the words “wanted to kill.”

Over time, the FBI found several social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter, all linked to Yassin– many of them containing posts related to ISIL.

As of January 27, the FBI had identified at least 87 Twitter account IDs likely used by Yassin to post content in support of ISIL– many of those accounts had been suspended.

“That happens in the big cities– but I didn’t expect it to happen here in this little 3,000 population town,” said Melhorn.  “It’s a little freaky.”

The tweet that threatened President Obama was one that included a picture of him running from a drone strike.

Yassin will remain in federal custody until she gets a detention hearing on February 23.