SPRINGFIELD, Mo- Opening a new business in Springfield can be tricky depending on the part of town you’re in, the business type, and a list of city codes.

Those are road bumps Jennifer Murvin and Kory Cooper ran into when they decided to open a new bookstore on Walnut Street.

The couple says they wanted to open their store, Pagination, in December of 2018 but because they were buying an actual home to house the bookstore they had to work with the city on making sure it was up to their standards.

“We had a lot of issues with bringing the old house up to commercial code. It took us a lot of time, we had to wait for contractors, wait on renovations to happen, and everything has to run through the city and checked,” says Cooper.

Murvin says the house, on 1150 E. Walnut St., is in the Historic Walnut Street District. Murvin and Cooper wanted to respect the historic committee with what they did with the home.

“The original house was built in 1905, and so part of the project of the bookshop wasn’t just putting together a book store it was renovating this beautiful home,” says Murvin.

After they got everything squared away, they opened Pagination this past May.

Since opening, the bookshop has served as a spot for introverts, bibliophiles, and plain ol’ bookworms. Pagination also hosts several events and will be gearing up for the holiday season on Small Business Saturday.

They hope that free gift wrapping and other unique features will unplug people from online shopping and bring them to their store. They are also grateful to be in a town where there are several other local book stores.

Local bookstore saved by the community

“We’re a different kind of shop and I think it’s good to have all these different types of bookstores in Springfield. I think all the independent bookstores should be focused on teaming up against the big box stores and Amazon,” says Cooper. Murvin also chimed in saying,” We’re all in it together, the more bookstores the better.”

For more on Pagination and their calendar of events, click here.