BRANSON, Mo. — It’s been the summer of new attractions in Branson and another one has been  officially added to the list.
The “Runaway Coaster” at Branson Mountain Adventure Park held its grand opening Friday morning.
The attraction will offer a brand new option for visitors, not only in Branson, but all across the Midwest — mountain coasters are generally found on ski slopes.
The ride covers some 5000-feet of track that cuts through the hillside on Highway 165.
One of the coaster’s unique features is that the ride is interactive. The speed of the cart is manually controlled by hand brakes.
“It’s a full participation ride,” says general manager, Brian McConnell. 
“You’re in control of the ride. Some people think it’s just a roller coaster and it’s not. It’s a lot: it takes effort, you’re involved, you have to control yourself in the seat.”
The ride lasts about eight minutes and reaches a top speed of 25-miles per hour. McConnell says the speed is amplified by the setting of the track.
“It feels like you’re going to fall off the cart,” he says. 
“But you’re seat-belted in and we have some safety features that help protect you from that,” McConnell says. “We also have a cart that’s not going to come off the rail.”
“But its feels like you’re going to come off the rail as you go through those corners at 25 miles per hour,” he says.
Of course, riders don’t have to go “all out,” they can choose a speed that fits their comfort level.
Ticket prices are $15 for one rider and $25 for two. There is also a discounted price for individuals who ride multiple times.