SPRINGFIELD — The Amendment 3 backer is trying to remove the two other medical marijuana initiatives from the ballot, but time may not be on his side. 

Springfield Attorney Brad Bradshaw wants to make sure his medical marijuana initiative, Amendment 3, is the only one voters see on ballots for Missouri’s November election. 

Bradshaw challenged Proposition C on disputing their signature count. 

But his challenge against Amendment 2 on voter fraud was dismissed at the lower level.    

A Cole County Judge in Jefferson City dismissed the lawsuit, and Amendment 2 Spokesman Jack Cardetti says they have nothing to worry about. 

“Because the judge has dismissed Brad Bradshaw’s frivolous lawsuit, it means Amendment 2 will be on the ballot this November,” Cardetti says.  

Bradshaw claims the Amendment 2 push for medical cannabis was illegal, saying they gathered petition signatures without a circulator present. He still wants to convince a judge of that, and has appealed. 

“The Western district in Kansas City has agreed to hear the New Approach fraud case on the 18th of (September),” Bradshaw says. 

For some neutral input, KOLR10 reached out to Springfield Attorney Adam Woody, who says the 18th is likely not soon enough for Bradshaw to throw Amendment 2 off the ballot before they are finalized on the September 25th.  

“Mr. Bradshaw most likely has an incredible uphill battle to get this appealed, to get this set aside and to get them off the ballot completely for November,” Woody says.  

Cardetti says Bradshaw has no chance of throwing Amendment 2 off the ballot in time, but Bradshaw is looking to speed up the process by requesting an expedited hearing. 

“The election is only about 8 and a half weeks away, so we have asked for an expedited hearing both at the Western District, and then possibly at the (Missouri) Supreme Court if they’re willing to accept transfer,” Bradshaw says. 

Adam Woody says that may not make much of a difference. 

“Even an expedited hearing could take several weeks before he would get before the appellate court, and then if he loses at that level, his plan is to take it to the Missouri Supreme Court,” Woody explains. 

Bradshaw has new billboard ads around Springfield for his initiative, Amendment 3. 

They read, “Cure Cancer, Vote Yes on Amendment 3”.

Taxes collected for Bradshaw’s initiative would go towards funding research to fight incurable diseases such as cancer. 

Jack Cardetti with Amendment 2 says Bradshaw owes cancer patients and survivors an apology.

“Saying that a vote for Amendment 3 will somehow cure cancer in the State of Missouri is absolutely egregious, and he ought to apologize right away for it,” says Cardetti.  

Right now all three initiatives are still on the ballot, and it looks like it could stay that way.