Gas prices continue to rise, affecting almost every industry in America.

When it comes to boats, Indian Point Marina in Branson says people are still coming out to the water.

“Gas prices are definitely the highest on the water that they’ve been in my eight years of working here.” Kinsey Stephens said. “I think people are definitely trying to get their timing on the water right now with the fear of things going up.”

Stephens says some people who travel to the area are surprised when they get to the pump.

“We actually have a lot of people, especially our locals, are just people traveling in from out of state, especially up north.” Stephens said. “They’re actually kind of relieved. I think they’ve been mentally preparing themselves for much higher gas prices than what we have right now.”

Back in Springfield, at Fellows Lake, some boaters are still full speed ahead, just to less areas.

“I still go out just as much. I just go different places. I can be out here within 30 minutes versus last year. I’d go out to Palm and Stockton, you know, every time.” Travis Toombs said.

“I’d come out through here during the week after work and go north on the weekends. But any more, I go north on the weekends maybe, I don’t know, on the holidays or something” Toombs added.

Some at the lake are choosing to rent a boat these days.

“We don’t have a whole lot of time to spend on the lake. So, you know, if we’re going to be up keeping a boat all year long, it doesn’t make a lot of sense for us.” Chad Dunkel said.

“So we come out a couple of weekends a year and gas is free if you come out here to the marina.” Dunkel said.

For others like Sham Duskin, who came to the lake from Buffalo, Missouri, just driving out to the lake can carry a heavy price tag when it comes to fuel.

“If you go back about just three years ago, we would have been able to do this on a monthly basis, if not twice a month. But with gas prices it definitely takes a chunk out of it.” Duskin said.

Duskin says the trip today was a gift for Father’s Day.

“This is top on the list. I’ve been bugging my wife and kids all day about it, so I really wasn’t expecting it. But yeah, this is an awesome Father’s Day present.” Duskin added.

Officials say the Biden administration is considering a gas tax holiday to help bring fuel prices down.