SPRINGFIELD, Mo.– Due to COVID-19, commencement ceremonies for Springfield Public Schools were pushed back this year. KOLR10’s Frances Lin attended a couple of these ceremonies on August 6th. Every student was required to wear a mask stand and sit six-feet apart.

Family and friends attending the ceremony were also required to wear a mask. The ceremony was held at the JQH Arena and every other row of seating was blocked off for social distancing.

KOLR10 spoke to two graduating seniors who told us their favorite memories of high school and said, during their 12 years of school, never would they have thought their graduation ceremony would take place in the middle of a pandemic.

“My favorite high school memory was probably whenever we had our powderpuff tournament this year,” said Madison Letterman, a senior at Hillcrest High School. “I never once thought that this would happen. It feels weird because it feels like today isn’t graduation. I feel like I finished in March. I’m definitely excited to just kind of move on to the next chapter of life, and forget about high school.”

“My favorite high school memory was definitely pie-ing my English teacher in the face,” said Christopher Attyberry, another senior at Hillcrest High. It’s kind of crazy. It’s definitely unexpected.”

Parkview High School’s senior class graduated at noon today as well, and Glendale High School’s senior class graduated at 8 P.M.