Bear wanders into California grocery store, leaves with bag of tortilla chips


The video was shot Tuesday night at a Safeway grocery store in Lake Tahoe, California. (Alina Baidoo via TMX News)

(FOX) — Bears need comfort food too.

A brown bear apparently craving junk food crawled into a California grocery store and left with a bag of Tostitos chips in its mouth, as seen in video footage from the store.

The video was shot Tuesday night at a Safeway grocery store in Kings Beach on Lake Tahoe by a woman named Adina Baidoo who was walking out of the grocery store around 9:30 p.m. when she witnessed the sighting, according to CBS-affiliated KUTV 2.

A fellow shopper apparently screeched when Baidoo very nearly (and unknowingly) walked right into the bear outside by a trash can. Baidoo then took the video of the animal eating garbage from what appeared to be a safe distance.

“This actual bear, right there, that I almost walked into, has gone into Safeway and decided… that he is going to go shopping,” Baidoo says later in the video, keeping her camera pointed in its direction.

Baidoo soon made her way back to her car and continued to take two more videos of the bear, who then meandered back into the grocery store. The last video clip shows the bear grabbing a bag of chips and crawling back out.

Thankfully, no one was hurt.

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