SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — After years of construction, the additions to Hillcrest High School are almost completed.

Rob Kroll, the principal of Hillcrest High School, said that he was excited for everyone to see the additions to the school.

“In January, you’re all invited out,” Kroll said. “We can not wait to unveil all of the newly renovated and new construction that’s taking place at Hillcrest.”

The projects are adding a new learning environment for students while addressing security and accessibility issues. This project also connects the school gymnasium to the main building. Twenty-nine classrooms and three performing art centers will be ready for use at the start of the second semester. It will serve more than 1,100 students at Hillcrest.

Kroll said that the teachers and staff worked hard through the $30 million renovation and are ready for the community to see the project.

“Northside pride is growing and we can’t wait to show the community what’s going on up there,” Kroll said.