Arkansas efforts toward eliminating purchase fraud of marijuana


Ar. — Medical marijuana has been legally sold in northwest Arkansas since May, and dispensary managers say the state’s system for regulating sales eliminate purchase fraud.

We know fake ID’s can be used to buy alcohol, so we wanted to know if that could happen with marijuana too.

The state says the verification system for medical marijuana sales doesn’t let similar issues slip through.

The seven-digit number on the patient cards is scrambled with letters and numbers that is unique to the card carrier.

When that number and birth date are plugged into the system, the patient’s info is displayed on the screen.

Scott Hardin is the medical marijuana commission spokesperson, and he says it’s nearly impossible to commit fraud at a dispensary, and no such cases have been reported.

“This is a simple glance…it’s not a bouncer at the door. It’s not going to a liquor store to buy a six-pack of beer. It’s much, much more detailed.” Hardin said.

Hardin says out-of-staters with an existing patient card can purchase from Arkansas’ dispensaries as long as they register with the department of health.

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