The Southern District Court of Appeals have ruled in favor of those protesting a potential development in Galloway Village.

The proposed development just across Sequiota Park would include a multi-use space including an apartment complex with retail options.

In 2020, the city of Springfield passed Ordinance 6614 regarding rezoning of that area.

In October of that same year, neighbors in the Galloway area filed a petition.

The Springfield City Council reconsidered repealing Ordinance 6614 but chose not to in November 2020.

Just next month, city council announced that a special election would take place in August of 2021.

A lawsuit was then filed by the development company, Elevation Enterprises, LLC to prevent any special election.

In May 2021, Greene County Circuit Court Judge David Jones sided with the development company saying the election violate state law.

Just recently, an appeals court ruled unanimously that the lower court’s decision has been vacated and voters, in a special election, should determine whether the development moves forward or not.

We talked to a couple people who live in the Galloway area about their reaction to the latest update. 

“Pros, I suppose, for new businesses and apartments going in would be it would bring revenue and traffic through this area.” Karmen Nigh said. “So hopefully the city would fix streets more and that money would go more towards this area.”

Nigh says the area is already busy with traffic and a development would make it worse.

Jim Oman says he supports development within reason.

“There ought to be a way to compromise the development here because we need development.”

Oman says people in the area should accept the increased traffic regardless of if there’s a new development or not.

“The problem is traffic and development go together. So we can’t have development without traffic.” Oman says. “So people are going to have to adjust their idea that we’re just a sleepy little area down here and that’s not the truth anymore.

It’s unknown at this time if Elevation Enterprises will appeal this latest decision. The city of Springfield says they cannot make any comments on an ongoing legal matter.