SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — One of the several people involved in a series of arrests connected to a string of catalytic converter thefts in Springfield has pleaded guilty and was sentenced to five years of probation.

Cody Phillips pleaded guilty on July 29 to two felony charges of stealing catalytic converters. He was sentenced to probation, as was his partner in theft, Caleb Ollis, who pleaded guilty on Aug. 5 to stealing five catalytic converters.

David Moore is scheduled to have a disposition on Aug. 30. Disposition hearings are generally the court appointment where the accused either pleads guilty or charges are dropped. Moore has one felony stealing charge connected to catalytic converter theft.

A fourth person tied to the catalytic converter thefts, Mellisa James, was sentenced to five years behind bars for a felony charge of stealing and a felony charge of tampering with a motor vehicle. She was deemed a persistent offender.