Analysis: The Debate Over Health Policy

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo.- We all face the prospect of high healthcare costs.  But, as the debate over health policy shows, there are competing issues our society must balance. 
No issue has divided people quite like the nation’s healthcare policy.
Some support the current healthcare law’s requirement that everyone must have an insurance policy that they can afford, while others oppose the notion of a blanket coverage mandate. 
But coverage care isn’t the only angle here. The “health” in healthcare is just as important.
We need to get to a point where we make personal responsibility as much a part of the health care discussion as the question of coverage itself.
People want to be free to do as they see fit.
That’s fine. But if they then expect everyone else to pay for the fallout from what they do, that’s not so fine.
While everyone gets sick, those who smoke, don’t exercise, and carry too much weight are at higher risk of developing more expensive health problems to treat. 
Without health insurance, the system must absorb the cost of treating these people.  Even with insurance, the system absorbs costs, though presumably in lower amounts because covered people tend to engage in more preventative health behavior.
Missourians don’t want a dictatorship whereby politicians tell us how large our sodas can be. 
But this means personal responsibility for ones life choices must be at the forefront of our decisions and behavior. 
This includes taking care of ourselves so that we’re not stiffing our friends, neighbors, and all of society with the bill.
Responsibility is key no matter what health policy Washington and Jeff City pursue.

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