UPDATE: The mystery man is actually selling ADT products.

Jill Way, the public information and media specialist for the City of Bolivar, said that Bolivar Police Department received more information about the alleged scammer. The man is in fact not a scammer, but an actual ADT employee.

BOLIVAR, Mo. — A man claiming to be selling ADT services in Bolivar was outed as a scammer Wednesday.

According to the Bolivar Police Department, a man wearing a red polo shirt, khaki pants, and black shoes was going door to door in Bolivar pretending to sell ADT security products. The Bolivar police said they contacted ADT staff, who confirmed they did not have any authorized sellers in Bolivar.

The scammer approached the owner of a new home in Bolivar, claiming he was part of the closing of the real estate sale.

Bolivar police asked people to contact them if they spot the man or have any images of him. The scammer was last seen driving a silver car.