Adam Woody faces two felony charges


SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – According to court documents, Adam Woody, a Springfield-based criminal defense attorney, is charged with tampering with a witness in a felony prosecution and perjury in a procedure involving a felony charge.

This stems from an incident back in March of this year in Butler County.

Attorney Thomas Carver is representing Woody in this case.

Carver released a statement saying: “These charges are based upon statements made by convicted felons and in one instance a four-time convicted murderer. Woody vehemently denies any wrongdoing and looks forward to establishing his innocence.”

Woody runs his own law firm and has been a part of several high-profile cases that helped exonerate convicts or reduce their sentences.

In 2016, Woody helped overturn the murder conviction of Michael Amick. Woody found an error with the use of an unauthorized alternative juror.

Carver believes two men connected in the case, who are in prison led state prosecutors to bring new charges against Woody.

We should tell you, Woody has been on our station multiple times as a legal analyst for news stories.

He can still practice law during the process.

Woody is scheduled to be arraigned in court on Oct. 31.

We’ll continue to follow any details in this developing story.

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