Abortion Law Protest Turns Tense Downtown


SPRINGFIELD — Differing opinions clashed today as people rallied at the square downtown.

There were hundreds of people at the square Friday morning making making their voices heard. What started out as a peaceful protest, got tense pretty quickly.

Around 10 on Friday morning, hundreds gathered to present their passionate opinions on the direction abortion has gone in Missouri, and throughout the country. Organizer Anna Brehme says the message she wanted to send was a simple one.

“I don’t think that it’s anybody’s business but the womans business what she wants to do with her body. If she wants to have an abortion, let her have an abortion. If you don’t agree with it, don’t get an abortion,” says Brehme. 

Another participant in the rally was Jill Chappell, who says she sees hope in the youth that attended. 

“I’m so encouraged. There’s a bunch of 16 year old girls here. There’s a ton of young people. I see a future now. I needed this,” says Chappell. 

About 20 minutes into the rally, there really seemed to be only one person standing for the pro-life side of things. His name is Allen.

Allen told us that he happened to be passing by, and made an effort to tell people his opinion and how his religious views played into things.

“I’m protesting the protesters stand, I’m not protesting them. I’m saying Jesus loves everyone of you,” Allen says as protestors began to drown out his voice.

Allen was not the only person to bring religion to the square today. Pastor Aaron Brummitt of Lighthouse Anna Baptist frequently makes his voice heard over a speaker downtown, and today was no different. 

“Our plan is to stand up for the innocent life of children being aborted in the womb, and to stop the bloodshed of another 60 million innocent lives that will be taken over the next four decades if we do not come out here and stand for the innocent life of a child,” says Brummitt as he put on his microphone.  

Things got physical with more than one shoving match. The Springfield Police Department confirmed that there were multiple people arrested during the rally. Brummitts bible, with a label across it that read “Truth” was thrown across the square as the crowd chanted “Separation of church and state.”

There were no injuries reported injuries on Friday at the event. 

Those on pro-choice side of the issue had a win today, as the states only abortion clinic had its license remain in effect temporarily.

A hearing coming on Tuesday will be an attempt for Planned Parenthood to get a more permanent renewal of their license to perform abortions. 

This all comes after the state passed one of the most strict abortion laws in the country, restricting abortions after 8 weeks with no exception for rape or incest. 

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