SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Springfield Public School officials are urging drivers to be careful after a student was hit by a car and injured Friday morning. It happened near Reed Middle School. Springfield Police tell Ozarks First it happened at 2000 North Lyon Avenue, and officers were dispatched at 9:18 a.m. Friday.

Early reports indicate the student is in stable condition and conscious, according to Stephen Hall, Chief Communications Officer for Springfield Public Schools. Police said the injuries were mostly abrasions, and the student is expected to recover. An ambulance took the student to the hospital.

“That’s a very rare thing,” Hall said, “I think it’s important any time we have something like that happen that we pause and we remember during our pickup and drop off times especially it’s so very important to be aware of your surroundings, to be conscious of students who may be crossing the street on their way to school and to slow down, to really be watchful and mindful of our students as they’re making their way to school and home each day.”

Springfield Police tell us the student was hit where the road is being resurfaced, where there is no crosswalk painted on, but the student was crossing in the general area where a crosswalk would be. There was no crossing guard at the location. Police say the student got out of their parent’s car and was hit while crossing the street.

Springfield police say the driver was not ticketed or cited, and there was no indication the driver who hit the student was impaired.