BRANSON, Mo. — A new podcast featuring four women from the Ozarks, “Ozarks Haints and Hooch,” premieres July 1 on Podbean.

Pam Atha, Dawn Larsen, Deidre Larsen McCormick, and Dina Larsen Gillman gather bi-monthly remotely from three different states to offer stories about Ozark ghosts, monsters, superstitions, people, places, lore, and history – with a bonus twist, a cocktail themed to the feature story.

They invite you to grab some hooch and join them, but know that “This ain’t no fancy, academic, check your references, kinda deal. This is four girls from the Ozarks sipping and spewing about haints, hooch, and history.”

Pam Atha, from West Fork, Arkansas, now lives in Nashville, Tennessee and is a choreographer, teacher, and performer.

The three with “Larsen” in their last names are sisters who grew up in Forsyth, Missouri.

Dawn Larsen lives in Florence, South Carolina, is a singer/songwriter, performer, and theater professor.

Deidre Larsen McCormick lives in Forsyth and is the Assistant General Manager for Tanger in Branson and Dina Larsen Gillman lives in Forsyth and owns her own childcare business.

You can check out their Instagram @OzarksHaintsNHooch and their Facebook page @OzarksHaintsNHooch.