39 Point Buck Shot Near Charity, Missouri


NEAR CHARITY, Mo. — The biggest deer shot in the state of Missouri this year could end up coming from right here in the Ozarks.

Just three days into deer bow-hunting season, a local man shot a buck scoring 29 points under Pope and Young regulations– and possibly 39 points total.

Pope and Young is the official repository for records on bow harvested big game animals.

Darrell Collison, a cancer survivor, was recovering from his last surgery and was getting up and around when he caught the catch that is making headlines in the hunting world.

Charity, Missouri is a place where the cattle graze.  It’s paved with dirt roads and lined by tall grass and hayfields.  But, when you look beyond the obvious, you never know what hidden treasures you might find.

“It’s all luck,” said Bow Hunter Darrell Collison.

“I looked pale when I seen it,” said Darrell’s son Tristan.

The Collison family is now the proud owner of quite the kill, and it all took place near the small town of Charity.

“This deer was massive,” said Collison.

“When I seen this deer, I thought my heart was gonna jump out of my mouth,” added Tristan.

“I didn’t know this deer was on the farm until two days before I shot him,” Collison said.

Three days into Missouri’s bow hunting season, Darrell scored the 39 point white-tailed buck.

“It’s the head I’ve always hunted for right here,” he said.  “He has ten points Pope and Young didn’t score– he’s 39 points all together– and they scored him as a 29 pointer.”

The buck could end up being the biggest white-tailed deer killed by a bow and arrow in the show-me-state this year.

“He guessed him to weigh between 250 and 275,” said Collison.  “And for a white-tailed deer that’s BIG.”

A kill Darrell never imagined he would make.

“The guy that scored it told me it was worth at least $5,000.”

A dream come true– it will soon be a trophy on the wall to forever remember the shot that helped put Charity, Missouri back on the map.

“This is what I want for Christmas,” said Collison.  “Is my deer head on the wall.”

“I’m really proud of this nerd!” said his son.

Just to compare, Collison says a good kill in the Charity, Missouri area is usually a 10 point deer on average.

The official Pope and Young final score is done 60 days following the shot.

Darrell says in the end, they think the buck’s horns will measure around 250 inches.

You can catch Darrell featured on an episode of Bow-Dacious– which airs on Z27– in the coming weeks.

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