SPRINGFIELD, Mo.- A comment section has recently appeared on the City of Springfield’s website asking community members to voice their opinions about reinstating mandatory masking.

The site says some community members have called for a reinstatement of masking with the recent surge of COVID-19 cases in Springfield.

The City provides three options to voice opinions:

  • Fill out the form
  • Call 417-874-1211 and choose the appropriate option
  • Speak at an upcoming City Council meeting

Cora Scott with the City of Springfield said opening a comment section is not unusual for topics drawing a lot of attention.

The question has since been changed to read “Leave Your Comments for City Council About the Surge in COVID-19 Cases.”

On Monday, July 12, Springfield Mayor Ken McClure stated that reinstating a mask mandate would be unenforceable.

“I encourage people to wear a mask,” said McClure. “Particularly during this time until we defeat this variant. That being said, mandated masking had its role. It served its purpose of making sure we bought enough time in this community to get the vaccine readily available.”

He also expressed his concerns about what could happen if a masking mandate is enforced.

“In my opinion, a mandated masking ordinance would defeat several purposes,” said McClure. “I believe it would make people believe we don’t have to get vaccinated, and essentially it is just a band-aid approach.”

Ozarks First has reached out to Mayor McClure about the new comment section. Mayor McClure sent this statement to our newsroom.

As you might expect we have been receiving more emails and phone calls supporting reinstating a masking requirement.  This is not an option that Council is considering—-my personal view and one I believe shared by my colleagues, is that the emphasis is on vaccination—-the ultimate solution.  The link on website is to provide an easy means for those citizens who want to voice their opinion to do so.

Springfield Mayor Ken McClure