SPRINGFIELD, Mo.– As of Monday, June 27, Springfield-Greene County Health Department is reporting an average of 89.43 cases of covid-19 in the past seven days. Compared to June 27, 2021, which had a seven-day average of 109.71 cases, that’s a difference of about 20 fewer cases from last year.

This follows a rise in daily cases that’s been building since April when the seven-day average of cases dropped below nine, the lowest average seen since July 2020.

While the spread of covid-19 remained a concern, much of the strain was felt by the hospital systems, with Springfield alone experiencing over 200 hospitalizations in July due to covid-19 and the rise of the Delta variant.

The difference in case numbers remain close to last year, but hospitalizations paint a drastic difference.

As of Tuesday, June 28, 64 are currently hospitalized in Greene County with covid-19, with nine in critical care. One year ago, hospitals were significantly more overwhelmed, with 179 hospitalized in Greene County and 60 in critical care.

Statewide the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services is reporting 816 covid-19 cases for June 22, compared to 833 cases on June 22, 2022.

Currently, just under 53% of the Greene County population five years and older are fully vaccinated, per the CDC. Nationally 66.9% of the population five years and older are fully vaccinated.