SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — The Springfield-Greene County Health Department announced for the first time since July 4, 2020, that the 7-day rolling average of COVID-19 cases in Greene County has dropped below 10 per day.

According to the Health Department, the 7-day rolling average for April 12 was 9 cases and April 13 was 8.9. Though the spread of COVID-19 spread in the community remains consistently low health officials said the community should remain vigilant in its efforts to keep cases low by continuing to follow recommended guidelines by the CDC.

“The community has really come together to fight against COVID-19 these last two years,” said Katie Towns, Health Director of Springfield-Greene County Health. “We will continue our work to educate the community on prevention and reach more people with vaccination and booster doses.”

Only three months ago the 7-day rolling average for COVID-19 cases on Jan. 13 was 476 cases per day.

The Department said vaccination continues to be the best way for people to protect themselves and their families against possible COVID-19 surges.