SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Many people may have concerns when it comes to paying rent in the time of coronavirus. 

Renters, landlords and lawmakers are now looking to Governor Mike Parson to step in to help out.

Springfield Representative Crystal Quade made it known that she fully supports protecting renters during this uncertain time.

“This is most definitely a public health crisis, we know that and it’s our duty as public servants to protect our citizens and make sure that this epidemic does not continue to spread like wildfire as it is and have rent protections, as well as utility protections, will help not only protect folks and keep them healthy but it will also contain this virus much more if we are able to have folks in a housed environment with utilities and be able to keep a sanitary lifestyle,” said Quade during a Zoom call with renters and landlords.

Shirley, a Springfield renter and single mother, was furloughed three weeks ago from her job.

She says she’s worried she will get evicted because there aren’t any protections for her.

“Right now if I were to get evicted, me and my girls would be living in our vehicle we would have nowhere to go,” Shirley said. “The issue is not making the rent or having the funds to complete the rent. I really don’t know what to say or plan for April 1. With that, I’m being asked about the rent which is normal and I understand they have bills.”

Quade, among others, are asking for Governor Parson to institute a rent and mortgage suspension, prohibit evictions and foreclosures for a time, ban utility shutoffs and provide homes and services to people without homes.