KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The number of COVID-19 cases are surging in communities across Missouri. As the state tops the highest number of COVID-19 hospitalizations per capita in the country, new analysis shows just how critical the situation is in the Show-Me State.

Wallethub named Missouri the most dangerous state in the country during the COVID-19 crisis.

The personal finance site ranks Kansas No. 31. The site found Vermont was the safest state.

Wallethub compiled the rankings based on how well each state controlled the pandemic, vaccination rates in each state, hospitalizations, transmission, and testing.

Wallethub found that Missouri had the second-highest positive testing rate. It has one of the highest hospitalization rates and the second-highest death rate.

Kansas is not listed in the highest or lowest of any of the rankings included in the study.

The New York Times also shows that Missouri has the highest hospitalization rates and death rates connected to COVID-19 over the past week.