GREENE COUNTY, Mo.– According to Feeding America, more than 42,000 people in Greene County are considered food insecure.

CEO of the Drew Lewis Foundation, Amy Blansit, says while food insecurity has always been an issue, she’s seen the need double in just the last few weeks.

“We’re seeing more and more people struggle to get food on their family’s tables due to COVID-19,” said Blansit.

Blansit says through recent partnerships the group can help ease the burden for families in need.

“We’re now able to hand out twenty to thirty pounds of food per carload each week,” said Blansit.

Blansit says it’s humbling to meet a community need.

“But it’s also very sad to see that there’s that much need in our community right now,” said Blansit.

She says it can be easy to take something like food for granted.

“One thing we take for granted is being able to have quality proteins,” said Blansit. “Being able to hand a meat product out to families this week is unique and something we are very grateful to do.”

However, Blansit says getting to the food is still hard for some.

“When individuals are having limitations in bus routes or don’t have a car at all, getting to food even if it’s free is very difficult,” said Blansit.

This is why The Ozarks Regional YMCA is partnering with the group to help deliver the meals.

“Since our schools have shut down our van is just sitting there so we could lend a helping hand and we took advantage of that,” said Executive Director of Community Engagement Kelci Scott.

The food giveaway takes place at the Fairbanks Hub every Thursday beginning at 4 p.m.