BRANSON, Mo. — Several hundred motorcoach drivers from all 50 states will depart for a “rolling rally” in Washington, D.C. Monday, May 11 and Tuesday May 12.

The rally in D.C., scheduled to happen on Wednesday, May 13, will create around eight miles of buses encircling the Capitol and White House.

One of those sending a driver to go to the “rolling rally’ is USA Tours in Rolla, Mo. which is owned by Rex Tennyson.

“With the shutdown, I don’t think the government has realized how much it has impacted us,” said Tennyson. “Just as it has the airlines. Just as it has like AmTrak.”

The goal of the “rolling rally” is to raise awareness and remind Members of Congress and the Trump Administration that the industry, which has laid off or furloughed more than 90% of its workforce nationally in the wake of COVID-19, needs federal assistance.

“Because if the buses aren’t rolling, there’s no income coming in to pay the employees or the drivers,” said Tennyson.

Many companies will need assistance from the government to make it through the pandemic.

“I think once it starts to open up, we’ll see some work come in, but it’s still going to be slow,” said Tennyson. “You would think people would be anxious to get out and go places, but with the COVID-19, they’re just real nervous about it.”